Journalist:: Good morning, Princess Diana, I am very proud to interview you  and thank you for accepting my invitation.

Princess Diana: Good morning!Thank you!

Jiournalist: How did you  meet your husband , Prince Charles?

Princess Diana: We met at a party and after  some months we got married and had two wonderful children, William and Henry.

Journalist: Let’s go back in time, what were you like as a child ?

Princess Diana: I remember that I was a bit shy but then, growing up , I liked going out with friends and dancing;  I wasn’t very good at school, but I loved music and I liked so much going to museums.

 Journalist: I know that you are so committed to social issues; when did this passion to help weak people start?

 Princess Diana: when I was a girl I didn’t think about these things , I just thought about having fun; but,   I have met lots of weak people,  each one with their own story and while they told me their stories I felt I had to do something to help them . So  I did a lot of charity, and I will always continue to do it, as well as helping children !

Journalist: do you have any regrets?                         

 Princess Diana: I would have liked to have a daughter too.

Journalist: What’s your dream?

 Princess Diana: I hope for a better world, where there is no discrimination, where children are free to play together even if they have different skin colours, no more wars and  more peace . It would be really nice if there were no more injustices.

Journalist: Some  people consider you an idol, a great mother for all the young people of the world, but do you feel that way?

Princess Diana: I am very happy that people, especially young people, support me in what I’m  doing and, it is true, I feel like a great mother for everyone.

 Journalist: well, Princess Diana, thank you for your words, I always follow you and I will continue to follow you, good luck!

Princess Diana: Thank you, goodbye.

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