Journalist: Good evening Mr. Giovanni Falcone. I’m very proud to interview  one of the most famous magistrate in Italian history.  I would like to ask you some questions about the early years of your career …

Giovanni Falcone: Good evening.

Journalist: first of all, why did you choose to become a magistrate?

Giovanni Falcone: When I was a child  I used to play with my mates in the street and it happened to see boys who sought  it out with  younger children, I always went there to defend them. Growing up, I developed the idea of ​​defending the weakest.

Journalist: When did your career start?

Falcone: I grew up in Palermo and in 1961 , after attending the classical high school, I graduated in Law in Palermo. I was transferred to Trapani; here I remained as deputy prosecutor, for about twelve years.

Journalist: when you arrived in Palermo, how did you find this city?

Falcone:  Palermo  was in the hand of the criminal organization, the mafia,  that proposed itself as a state within a state, through its illegal activities. But I didn’t know this “monster” of mafia. I was working at the Education Office with Counselor  Rocco Chinnici in the investigation against Rosario Spatula, affecting USA crimes. This led me to think that the investigation of the mafia must be considered under  different aspects, in all its connections between economics and  politics and I realized that it can be destroyed only by a cooperative work.

Journalist: The fact that Chinnici has just been killed means that the mafia is trying to weaken Institutions, justice and to impose its strength! But when Antonino Caponnetto arrived and founded “ the Anti-mafia Pool”  together with judges Borsellino, Lello and Guarnotta you are working with, things are going  better. 1984 was an important year because you met Tommaso Buscetta.

Falcone: Thanks to Buscetta, one of the most famous repent of the mafia,  I was able to understand the “monster”, to decipher its gestures, actions and language. “His confession was the key to cracking the code of Cosa Nostra”.

Journalist: Does the word “mafia” scare you?

Giovanni Falcone: No, it doesn’t , because I know I’m fighting  for a good cause.

Journalist: : Is your family afraid of it?

Giovanni Falcone: Yes, my family is a little afraid, I can see it in their eyes; they  support me because they believe in what I’m doing, and I’m happy about it.

Journalist: Magistrate Falcone, congratulations. You are an exceptional person!

 Giovanni Falcone: Thank you.

Journalist: Easter is coming, what do you wish people who are watching our program now?

Giovanni Falcone: the only thing I can wish  you is  Peace. My mother told me that when I was born a white dove entered  through the opened widow of my bedroom. My family took care of her and feed her. The dove is the symbol of peace. I fight for peace in Sicily , peace in the world, I believe in peace, but “ peace  must always be defended”.

Journalist: is the mafia unbeatable?

Falcone: “ the mafia is a human fact and like all human fact it has a beginning and it will have an end.”

Journalist: we know you have recently  been to the Asinara and that next week you are going to the Maxi Processo in a Bunker in Palermo. We wish you will condemn the people involved in illegal trafficking  as soon as possible. We would like to have the pleasure to interview you  again to talk about the new developments  in your work.  Happy Easter!

Falcone: Thank you. I  promise you. Thank you for this interview. Remember:  “it is necessary to fulfill one’s duty until the end, despite the sacrifice, whatever the cost, because that’s where the essence of human dignity lies.”    Happy Easter! Peace!

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