Journalist: Good morning,  Ariana !

Ariana: Good morning! I’m happy to be here!

Journalist: Thank you! Welcome! We want to congratulate to you because you got married to  Dalton Gomez 12 days ago!

Ariana: thank you.

Journalist: we have seen it was a private wedding ceremony. I must say your wedding dress was incredible! It revealed all  Vera Wang’s craftsmanship, refined and elegant!

Ariana: yes, it was in silk and pearl colour and my jewels were created by Lorraine Scwarz . Thanks to these stylists! It was a very emotional day!

Journalist: Are you ready for  the questions?

Ariana: ok! I’m ready!

Journalist: We know you are a famous  actress and singer. In 2018 you were proclaimed  “woman of the year”,  what do you think about it?

Ariana: I was very happy when they announced it to me and I’m proud of it!

Journalist: Have you  ever participated in any television programs and TV series ?

Ariana: Yes, of course . I’ve  enjoyed  Victorious and Sam & Cat  in the set, for example.

Journalist: what was your first studio album?

Ariana: I can’t forget it…. It was Yours Truly.

Journalist: among your albums… what’s your favourite?

Ariana: I love all my songs because they reveal my personality, I haven’t got any favourite.

Journalist: That’s right. I like your music too. You’ve a great voice. It was a real pleasure to have you here with us , today!

Ariana: thanks to you!

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Maria Chiara Catanese e Salvatore Incardona- Ist. comprensivo cruyllas-Ramacca-docente M. Tamburino



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