journalist:       today here’s with us the president of Juventus, Mr. Andrea Agnelli.

Mr.Agnelli:        good evening!

journalist:        This year the championship is not going very well and it risks not qualifying for the Champions League. Will Pirlo be sacked if that happens? If Pirlo is exonerated, will Massimiliano Allegri return?

Mr Agnelli:      I trust   Pirlo and  my players,  so I think we will qualify for the Champions League. I get along with Allegri but I trust Pirlo.

journalist:     Why are you for the Super League? 

Mr Agnelli:       I believe that the Superleague is a way to earn much more money and  have stronger clubs with the strongest big champions in the world.

journalist:   Mr Agnelli, a question for you comes from Twitter: #getreal8 asks:   after the threats from UEFA most of the clubs have decided to leave the Superleague… do you think this project will continue?

Mr. Agnelli:      It doesn’t seem right that Uefa has decided to threaten us so that all the clubs decide to leave because we hadn’t done anything wrong.
journalist:       He is afraid of receiving sanctions from UEFA and FIFA as Juventus and Real Madrid have decided to stay in the super League.

Mr.Agnelli:     Perez and I are not at all afraid because if we were afraid we would have immediately left the Super league.

journalst:   Mr.  Agnelli, thank you for answering our questions.

Mr. Agnelli:    Thank  you for the interview!

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