One day I left America and I went to some places where stars usually hang out. In one of these places I met Deku the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

I immediately asked him a few questions.

 What is your quirk?

My quirk is One For All but as a child I didn’t have it. I had it when I met All Might the number one hero the pillar of peace, I told him I was his first fan and I told him I would like to be like him a hero but I couldn’t because I was born without a quirk so he told me his whole story and I pass the One For All the power that no one had.

As a child when you didn’t have the quirk when did you know how did you react?

When I found out, I immediately started crying and told my mom that I wanted to be like All Might. And my mom started crying and apologized.

I’m very sorry Deku. Can I ask you another question, when All Might practically lost the quirk and said on the news “now it’s your turn” what did that mean?

He wanted to let me know that he has left the scene and now it’s my turn to be the pillar of peace. At that moment how did you feel?

At that moment I was sad for All Might because the citizens were in danger.

Who do you like?

Well, a bit difficult question I like Uraraka is too beautiful and I like it from the first they have and I think they like me too.

Thanks for your time Deku now I’m going to the next one, bye.

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