Toyama Bay is the most fabulous bay and the most breathtaking natural wonder in Japan. It’s famous for the firefly squid phenomenon that light up the bay at night. Between March and June or Hotaku Ika (firefly squid season), an incredible phenomenon happens: the squid, that generally live underwater, are pushed to the surface by the waves and naturally emit a strong blue light. This bright effect allows the squid to protect themselves from predators. Moreover, this is also the mating season. In fact, at night, the squids reach the coast to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, it’s also the most important period of the year for fishing. So fishing boats catch squids with nets and put them on the boats that get brighter than a lighthouse. Despite this negative aspect, the firefly squid phenomenon attracts many tourists to the bay that are curious to see this sparkling sight. This phenomenon makes the water almost brighter than the sky and the stars.

It’s probably the most romantic place I’ve ever seen, but I especially see it as a happy place where you can dream and hope. Here it’s as if time stops.

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Ludovica Pecora


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