Always in our hearts FRANCO

FRANCO BATTIATO was an Italian singer-songwriter composer, filmaker and under the pseudonym Suphan Barzami, also a painter.

Battiato’s songs contain ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHICAL and RELIGIOUS THEMES and have spanned genres such experimental pop, electronic,music, progressive rock, new wave.

He was born in Sicily on March 23, 1945 and he died Milo (sicily) on May 18 May 2021.His nickname is “Il maestro” on Italy’s music Scene. When he was a teenager, after his graduating and after the death of his father he moved to Rome and then to milan and soon he won his first musical contract. He scored success on tv to perform his Single “LA TORRE” and “E’ l’amore.

From 1973 he started experimental electronic music, progressive rock. In the ’80s he started a new are of music: more elegant and minimal -For example :” Mondi lontanissimi “Voglio vederti danzare and “Orizzonti perduti.

In 1984 he won Eurovision Song Contest with a duet with the singer Alice. Im 1994 Battiato began to collaborate with sicilian philosopher Sgalambro.

His career takes over fifty years, he published over thirty album, he directed six movie.

We remember his most successful songs as”Bandiere bianca “, “Centro di gravità permanente.

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