Bruttium (brŭ´tēəm) is an ancient region in southern Italy, occupying the present northern Calabria, the bottom “tip” of the Italian peninsula.

Brutium faces Sicily across the Strait of Messina. Inhabited in the interior by the Brutii (whose chief town was Cosenza) and by the Lucani, it was settled (8th cent. BC) along the coast by Greek colonists. Sybaris and Catona were among the most prosperous towns. The Romans conquered Bruttium in the 3rd. cent. BC.

Our school had a trip to these beautiful places and the following are some sites visited.

So, if you are looking for a breathtaking, interesting and suggestive place at the same time, you cannot miss Praia a Mare.

The 2 km long beach is the main attraction for tourists. It is sandy at its northern end but increasingly pebbly moving southwards. During the summer months, the beach is divided into about 50 lidos, although intermittently there are unprotected slivers of beach open to the public at no cost.

A place that fills you with unique emotions and takes away all your troubles.

You can stay in the magnificent “La Mantinera” village, with many facilities, perfect for a weekend in harmony and relaxation.

This exceptional village is located near the beach and can be easily reached on foot.

The place is also a short distance from the Lao River, a perfect river for rafting, which is an experience not to be missed.

This village is characterized by small houses where to spend the night and a large restaurant.

Entertainment is guaranteed by young boys and girls: they dance on a stage near the bar and engage the visitors in fun activities.

There is also a fantastic swimming pool near the restaurant where you can spend quiet hours on the deck chairs where you can even sunbathe.

The breakfast is buffet style and the restaurant is very organized as there is a menu that allows you to choose dinner and lunch the following day.

The bathrooms are clean and the food is very good.

This resort is highly recommended and has 4 stars.

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