In Palermo 12 women undress for the cause: a calendar for the fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer affects many women and worries even more in this historical moment in which the pandemic has created slowdowns and endless waiting lists, raising new doubts and fears.

The purpose of this initiative is to raise funds to create a listening desk dedicated to women who want to do prevention or who are facing this pathology, in order to guide and support them these twelve women have decided to do it by putting their face, indeed all their body. The MIF (Minors, Migrant, Families) is a rights consultancy that consists of almost 100 members, experts in the medical-health, legal, phychological area, at the service of the community to guarantee information and rights with a particular attention to the disadvantages of the population; infact the idea of the “Women are beautiful” calendar was born from two members of the MIF who fought and defeated breast cancer. Together with other volunteers they undressed to become the protagonists of a shooting. 

“This calendar is a story designed by women for women- comments Dorotea Zanca, photographer and MIF partner- The photos have in common the sensitivity of the female universe. Looks, words and details from emotions and not a simple anthropological reportage on the ones who have won their challenge against breast cancer. It is proximity that nourishes the soul and ensure its growth, a rebirth, a gift for the community: to weave a network of support in favor of prevention”

The calendar will be sent to those who will support this campaign with a minimum donation of 15€. Remember that each donation is an extra day of prevention given to every woman.

Twelve shots that will accompany a whole year, 2021, in the name of solidarity and health.

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