All started in November

I remember the day when my English teacher entered the class and asked: “are you interested in writing articles for Englishnews, an online newspapers? The final prize will be a class trip to Malta for the class that writes the most.”

“What are you saying?” – I thought. After two years of lockdown and semi-lockdown the idea of spending some days with my classmates and in a wonderful place like Malta seemed fantastic, a dream. So everybody shouted “YESSSS”.

We started writing about our passions, sport, hobbies and experiences. Then our teachers gave us the idea to write about a topic but from different point of views so that each of us could write. Mrs Scarcella, our Art teacher suggested Antonello Da Messina and his paintings; our teacher of technology proposed eco-sustainability and bio-architecture, our English teacher suggested us to write about fashion or films and so on. So each of us was stimulated – someone forced – to write and the number of articles increased.

At first it was a competition I.C. Rosario Livatino vs the other schools of the project, then a competition between Class 2A and class 2B and now again our school vs the other schools participating in the project. When a new classification was published it was a joy or a pain. The I.C Casella was a nightmare and now other schools are a serious problem too.

It has been a very exciting experience and I hope my class wins, but if it doesn’t, patience, it will be for next time. We have learnt a lot of thinks.

I want to thank the Englishnews staff and all the school that have participated to this project. Thank you so much!

P.S. Special thanks to Google translator that helped me so much!

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Sara Miceli


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