Closely related to addiction to smoking is addiction to alcohol. I’m young and I hang out with a lot of young people my age and unfortunately I also meet younger ones and see how they use alcohol. It starts a little bit as a game, to appear ‘grown up’, to imitate those who do it even if you don’t care and then it continues. The game becomes more and more dangerous when there is a competition to see who can drink the most. This also triggers competition and pride and the desire to win. The rest you can imagine, sometimes the outcome of this absurd and risky competition brings with it devastating consequences. For example  a very common “game” among young people is the binge drinking thst is  the consumption of five or more alcoholic beverages in a short time.

 Alcohol is a toxic, potentially carcinogenic and addictive substance capable of causing direct damage to the cells of many organs, including the liver and central nervous system.  Risk behaviors in alcohol consumption affect 7 million people.  The daily consumption, which must take place during meals, must not exceed 2-3 glasses for men and 1-2 glasses for women.  The causes and consequences of alcoholism involve both physical, psychological and social aspects.  In fact, it leads to disorders such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and personality disorders;  it can have repercussions on the life of the individual by causing job loss, violent behavior, road accidents.  Alcoholism can lead to some serious diseases: – Alcoholic gastritis: an inflammatory process caused by gastric hypersecretion, which leads to nausea, loss of appetite, regurgitation.  – Alcoholic cirrhosis: leads to liver problems by reducing the amount of blood that reaches the organ by inhibiting the metabolic activities of hepatocytes.  – Alcoholic pancreatitis: is an inflammation of the pancreas that can lead to corrosion of the pancreatic structures degenerating  into chemical peritonitis.

Perhaps there are many good reasons not to get caught up in it

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