Alchemy, why can it be fun?

How was alchemy born? Well, it was born before the year 1585, and for this reason a lot of people tend to consider it a dead subject, but actually it isn’t. Alchemy is an esoteric science, but what does that mean? For old people the term esoteric was used only for some people that would be classified as geniuses later on, this was meaningful only in the philosophical and religious fields, but now let’s get back to our previous topic. Alchemy is based on the positive and negative aspects of science, as we know their master plan was to transmute lead in gold, they also tried to achieve the creation of the relic of immortality, the so-called philosophical stone. The process to reach this relic was divided in 7 phases, but we are going to focus on the three most important ones:

nigredo, known as a blackening passage

albedo, known as a whitening passage

rubedo, known as a reddening passage.

We can also add citrinias to these three phases, but it’s not as important as the first ones that we mentioned. Well, this was an historical introduction, but we have something else to show you. Alchemy has not only to do with history, it is also used in other terms. We can take as example the “anime” Fullmetal alchemist. Most anime veterans know it very well, In fact, it was published in 2009 and it’s a really cool one in our opinion for those who are interested in this subject. Alchemy can be found also in the videogames like in “Genshin Impact”. There is a part of the game where you can meet a character called Albedo then you find the second step of alchemy. Albedo has blonde hair, he also takes with him some black gloves, but the most interesting thing about this character is that he isn’t a human being, but he is the fruit of an alchemic creation made with chalk, that’s why he doesn’t need to breathe or do anything that
normal humans require. He also has a little peculiarity, which is a scar with a sparkle’s shape, that indicates his imperfections as an artificial creation. Luckily, Albedo is a playable character, sadly though, his last banner was in December. He’s also a painter, well, you may be asking why he does this, it’s because whatever he draws comes to life as he can take alchemic experiments on the creatures… Pretty cool right? We hope you all enjoyed our article about our beloved alchemy world and we hope that you will deepen it further because we arouse your curiosity.

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Ginevra Bertini, Matteo Gazzo



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