Alberto Naska

Alberto Naska is an Italian youtuber and driver. His real name is Alberto Fontana and he was born on June 14, 1990 in Turin. Today it has 700,000 followers on YouTube. Alberto says that from an early age he had a passion for engines: mainly for cars and motorcycles. On this topic he posted a video, titled “Draw my life”, on youtube and many youtubers now know him better. He says that from an early age he had this passion but it took a lot of time to realize it. His family could not help him because they didn’t know anything about motors and he did all by himself to achieve his great dream. However, his career does not start in the best way. Alberto began his career in the driving simulator on car video games and made many online championships. He won many of them and by winning these championships he often won track laps with real cars.

But how did his passions for video and cars come about? Well, it came when he was asked to be a commentator as well as a driver for the online championships. Alberto’s first championship was that of the 500 Abarths. One day when he won the first prize, he was rewarded with a lap on the track. After some time he took the camera back. In fact one day he decided to repost a video and that got a lot of “likes”. I loved it too. Alberto liked to be a Youtuber. And his career continued. One of the most memorable championships of his motorcycle career was that of 2019. Indeed, that year Alberto won the championship. But his season did’t startn well because while training with the mini bikes he fell down and broke a couple of ribs. However, Alberto managed to prepare himself just before the start of the championship. His bike was a Yamaha R1, with the number 54, typical of Alberto. The championship ended on equal points with his rival D’Ambrosio but since Alberto had more victories he won the championship. But right at the beginning of the following year, for the 2020 championship during the first race, in Misano, at the first corner, Alberto made a very bad fall, probably the worst accident of his life. He had to stop for a very long time and decided not to race with the motorcycles anylonger. So he focused more on the cars and he had good results. In the 2021, Alberto raced 3 car championships: Predator, with which he has been racing for a long time, Smart electric and the so-called “Legend”. The best championship was the Legend where he came second behind Luca Ferrario, who won the championship by a few points. The championship of the Predators was not bad, in fact Alberto played it but not for the whole championship. In the predators you can see beautiful duels that can be enjoyed in his videos on YouTube. The most disappointing championship was the Electric smart.

During the year Naska has faced famous people in the championship (Youtubers and pilots), including Jakidale, one of the most famous YouTubers in Italy and Luca Salvadori, star of Italian motorcycling, excellent YouTuber and great friend of Alberto. In fact the two have known each other for a long time. Last thing to say for those who do not like motorcycles or cars, Alberto often publishes different contents such as holidays around the world or reactions to some TV series or films and much much more.

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