Al Pacino

“I feel more alive in the theater than anywhere else, but what I do in the theater I learned from the street.”

Alfredo James Pacino, aka “Al Pacino” was born in New York in April 25 1940; he is director, author, considered one of the best actors in the history of cinema, of Italian origins and grew up in the bronx. When he was a teenager he was named “Sonny”; he had a difficult adolescence, caused by economic-family problems, which led him to use soft drugs and alcohol.

He dreamed of becoming a baseball player; he didn’t like to study, his “biggest school” has been the street. Al Pacino before becoming a great actor did the shoeshine, the porter, the worker…

He began his career as an actor, acting in some plays in the basement theater of New York and later was admitted to the infamous school “Actors Studio”.

Al Pacino nel film "Il Padrino" | « I'm going to make him an… | FlickrThe director Francis Ford Coppola noted the qualities of Al Pacino in the film he starred: “Panic in Needle Park”, and offered him a part within the masterpiece: “the Godfather”

Al Pacino from that moment has a succession of successes, playing: Tony Montana in “Scarface”, Carlito Brigante in “Carlito’s Way”, Jimmy Hoffa in “the Irishman” … until 2021 playing the role of Aldo Gucci in “House of Gucci”.

To date Al Pacino has collected an Oscar, five Golden Globe awards, a prize at the Venice Festival, two David of Donatello awards, a BAFTA award and a SAG award.

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