Agenda 2030

In recent months there has been a strong debate about the various problems relating to the environment.
Since 2015 the countries of the Earth are trying by 2030 to bring significant improvements to the
life of the planet.

These attempts at improvement are contained in
the “2030 Agenda” which includes 17 objectives:

The 17 objectives aim to improve people’s living conditions without compromising resources for
future generations; this initiative is called sustainable development.
The environment is the set of elements that are the basis of life on Earth.

It is important to respect, protect and preserve them over time so they can also serve the life of future generations.

It is therefore essential to keep all this in mind when starting new economic activities.

Some of them, even if they seem to improve people’s lives today, can make the world less liveable in the future.
Climate change and environmental disasters demonstrate this today.

No one should be left behind on this path, as progress must be
made for all individuals and for the whole of humanity

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Elena Mariapia Duci, Luisa Foti


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