Afghan women say no to burqa

In recent days many women have taken to the streets in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to protest against the compulsory wearing of the burqa.

Indeed, on May 7, an edict by Afghanistan’s supreme leader required women to go out wearing the burqa, a blue or black garment typical of Afghanistan that covers women’s entire bodies and faces. Unlike the hijab, the normal headdress of Muslim women, the burqa allows them to see the world only through a grating placed in front of their eyes. But they want to be free to see the world like all other living things.

And they had the great courage to say no to the burqa. Afghan women don’t want to go out covered from head to toe, they don’t want to live like prisoners. And so they are fighting for their rights.

Since the Talibans have taken power in Afghanistan, on August 15, they have put more hard restrictions on women. In Afghanistan women are submitted to men, they can go out only with their fathers or their brothers and then with their husbands. They are considered the property of men. Furthermore they can’t go to school and the Taliban banned them from almost all jobs. But there are women who were working as doctors, as surgeons, before the Taliban came, and they don’t want to give up their jobs. But they cannot work easily wearing a burqa.

The Taliban government has also abolished the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. So women protest in the square raising signs trying to make their voices heard. They have started walking in the streets without wearing burqas, but barefaced.

However, during the course of the protest, the Taliban dispersed the crowd with the use of force. The Taliban have destroyed protest signs and have confiscated the cell phones of all the women marching. But Afghan women are not afraid and will not stop because they are equal to their brothers, to their fathers and to their husbands. They are ready to continue this battle.

They no longer want to be locked in the house without being able to be free.

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