Alessio :Hi Aeneas ! How are you, today?

Aeneas: Fine, thanks. Why are you here?

Alessio: I just want to do an interview

Aeneas: Ok…fine, How long will it last?

Alessio:  don’t worry…only five minutes.

Aeneas:Ok. You can start asking me some questions

Alessio: Thanks. Where are you from?

Aeneas: I’m from East Turkey

Alessio :ok, When did you leave your city?

Aeneas: I left it when there was the Troy Deception.

Alessio: when happened?

Aeneas: It was on the 24th  April,1184 AD

Me: Ok. What happened when you left it ?

Aeneas:The last Troian soldiers left the place with me.The Achaeans were trying to reach us . So, we left the city.There weren’t other survivors in Troy.

Alessio: oh, sorry… can you tell me what happened after that?

Aeneas: Sure..when I was going to Italy a storm hit me and took me to Carthage. In Carthage there was a lady called Dido and I asked her if I could tell her my story. She answered without hesitation :” Yes, please”. So, I told her all my adventures.

Alessio : ok, can you tell me the strangest thing that happened?

Aeneas: Yes, sure.. when I was navigating on the coast of Greece there was a bird with the face of a girl. So, I decided to escape.

Alessio :ok…one last question: did you do anything in Sicily? And what did you do when you were in Latium?

Aeneas:when my father died I left Dido but she couldn’t accept  it. So,she killed herself. After leaving Africa I went to Sicily.  I went down to the underworld . For this reason, I had to go to Latium.

After a few days, I  arrived in Latium. The king Latinus offered his daughter Lavinia in marriage but she was offered to another king called King Turnus,too.

 For this reason, a war started.

After the death of a lot of people, Turnus and me started a duel.

After fighting, I  won and finally I married Lavinia and I  founded Rome.

Alessio : ok, thank you, goodbye!





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