2020 was a very hard year, marked by this global pandemic, the whole world was forced to remain closed at home, we could not meet our loved ones and our friends, for a moment the world seems to have stopped. It was a difficult period for everyone, especially for us… teenagers who did not have the opportunity to see our friends, our boy/girlfriends, to have fun with them, we did not have the opportunity to fully enjoy our adolescence, the most beautiful years of ours. Life flew by in a flash … the constant changes, the curfews, the social and physical distancing, however, have also helped us to reflect on many things. Being alone, we have found the true ourselves, we have learned to understand each other, we have found the most lovable side that we had lost of ourselves. As they say, not all evil comes to harm, everything will pass and we will take back the fun we deserve.

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Gaia Caruso


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