We often hear about discrimination for nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion. Problems cannot entirely be solved but at least known and taken into account . There are silent forms of discrimination  which nobody talks about, one of these is ableism. It is a discriminatory attitude in which the person with a disability is considered incapable, not enough or not considered at all. Imagine it by their point of view: you are a wheelchair user who wants to go to a cafe- something very easy you might be thinking-  but you cannot do it because you have to cross the street to get there.

In front of the ramp for disabled access there is a car parked, so you have to go towards another ramp.

As soon as you finally get to the cafe, you realize that at the entrance there isn’t a platform for disabled people so you cannot access it. How does it make you feel? 

Ableism is also hidden behind comments, caresses and compliments which most of the time are not really liked.

‘’What courage do you have to go out despite your condition ?”.  Why shouldn’t I be able to do that?

Disability is in the beholder’s eyes, thus creating a blurred vision without understanding the potential  there might be behind a “diversity”.

The problem is not the person  but it is always the concept itself.

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Federica Opretti


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