Hi, I invited you here to talk about how dance schools are being organized in this period, now I’ll ask  you some questions! 

Marianna Leone: ok! 

How is it organized for the sanitation of the structure? 

Marianna Leone: Hi, yes, Sanitation takes place right from the entrance to Butterfly Company, disinfecting the soles of the shoes and disinfecting the hands. 

The structure must be sanitized with certified disinfectant products at each shift change. 

As for the air conditioners, the filters are washed every two days and an termiticide is sprayed which  sanitizes the environment each time it is used 

Is there a specific number of children who can enter the facility? 

Marianna Leone: Yes, based on the square meters of the entire structure  indoors. 

A space of 12 square meters per person must be considered. 

For a constant distance within the structure of at least 1 m for people while they are not performing  physical activity, at least 2 meters during physical activity 

Is there a need for parental authorization before entering the school? 

Marianna Leone: Yes, they must bring a self-certification where they declare  that they have not come into contact with positive people or have symptoms of covid. 

They also sign an attendance sheet stating that the temperature measured in the facility, in their presence,  is below 37.5. 

How can you stay open even in the red zone? 

Marianna Leone: Performing with a small group of agonists of national  competitions. 

How did you organize yourself when the red zone was there? Did you take lessons online, or did you wait  for the color of the region to change? 

Marianna Leone: For months we have been doing online lessons, knowing  that it was not the same thing. 

We decided to carry out the activities in this way anyway because we did not feel like leaving our children  without a physical and mental outlet, which is very important especially in this period of pandemic.

When we had the opportunity to return with a small group of agonists in attendance, we called our  athletes who until before the pandemic were carrying out competitions, which with immense joy on our  part and some of our students we started training in presence. 

Thank you very much for participating in these interviews, I would say it was very interesting to ask you some questions, goodbye! 

Marianna Leone: thank you! Good evening!!!

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