Luis Sepúlveda Calfucura born in Ovalle on 4 October 1949 and died in Oviedo on 16 April 2020 was a French naturalized Chilean writer, journalist, screenwriter, poet, director and activist.

Born in Chile, Sepúlveda left his country at the end of an intense season of political activity, which ended dramatically with the incarceration by the regime of General Augusto Pinochet. He traveled extensively in Latin America and then in the rest of the world, also following the crews of Greenpeace. After residing in Hamburg and Paris, he went to live in Spain, in Asturias.

Author of poetry books, radio novels and short stories, in addition to Spanish, his mother tongue, he spoke English, French and Italian correctly, he conquered the literary scene with his first novel, The old man who read love novels, which appeared for the first time. once in Spain in 1989 and in Italy in 1993. She then published numerous other novels, collections of short stories and travel books, among which the Story of a seagull and the cat that taught her to fly stands out.

Gerardo Sepúlveda Tapia, also known by his nom de guerre “Ricardo Blanco”, grandfather of Luis Sepúlveda, was an Andalusian anarchist who fled to South America to avoid a death sentence hanging over him. His birth also bears these marks. : he was born in a hotel room while his parents fled following a complaint against his father made by his rich maternal grandfather.

The young Luis grew up in Valparaíso, Chile, with his paternal grandfather and with an uncle who passed on to him the love for the adventure novels of Cervantes, Salgari, Conrad, Melville. The literary vocation manifested itself shortly after and at school he wrote short stories and poems for the school newspaper. Fifteen, he enrolled in the Communist Youth. At seventeen he began working as an editor of the daily Clarín and then on the radio.

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