Minecraft is a game based on the possibility of placing or destroying “blocks”, that is, the cubes that make up the worlds in which the game is set and of building objects by interacting with certain blocks.

The player does not have to achieve a specific goal but it is possible to “finish” the game obtaining credits  by assassinating the final boss, the Enderdrago, but you can continue playing even in a world where the game is completed without any substantial difference.

In my opinion, this game is truly a masterpiece because it has been one of the most popular videogame for over 11 years.
If you have a portable console, PlayStation 4, XBox One or a computer, just buy it in the store or online. What are you still doing here?  Go buy it now! So maybe we could even play together.

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Salerno Matteo Pio


1 B Liceo Linguistico