Our Sicilian journey keeps on the road towards the innermost part of the island.

Caltanissetta develops on the side of the valley of the River Salso, on the slopes of Monte San Giuliano and boasts a precious past linked to the activity of sulphate that made it the mining hub of Sicily until the first decades of the last century. In the city you can admire countless natural beauties and numerous architectural works.

The church of Santa Maria La Nova has a large facade divided by lesene flanked by two bell towers and dominates the entire Piazza Garibaldi. The interior, with a Latin cross, is divided into three naves and supported by fourteen arches, each dedicated to a character of the Old Testament, and before the bombing of 1943, supporting the figures of the twelve apostles. At the point of intersection between the two arms of the cross, above the altar, is the dome.

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Cavallaro Flavia e Sgarlato Anita


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