A thrilling festival

The winning song of the last Sanremo 2022 Festival is “Chills” by Mahmood and Blanco. This is the second victory for Mahmood after the triumph at the Sanremo Festival 2019 with the song “Soldi” and the first for Blanco who in a few months has conquered all the charts. The song Broglie immediately conquered the public, even on social networks, and quickly gained the top not only of the general ranking, but also of the ranking inherent to radio passages. Merit of the talent of the artists and of the sounds expressed, certainly, but also of a text in which many manage to find themselves. In fact, the text speaks of a person who struggles terribly in telling the other what he feels in her heart. They express their fear of making mistakes in a couple’s relationship, of feeling inadequate and they express it best with the words: “I can’t tell you what I feel, it’s my limit”. It is, in fact, the result of a closed love affair and the mistakes made by one of the two partners. It is almost as if you wanted to externalize your discomfort and confess your sins. In fact, that “and I would like to love you, but I’m always wrong”, as Mahmood has said in numerous interviews, is nothing more than the admission of a guilt that often tends to be passed over in silence: thus music fulfils its cathartic function, becoming confession, the difficulty, therefore, in telling oneself (“Sometimes I don’t know how to express myself”), which, however, fortunately, the music manages to make up for. The song was written by Mamhood himself and by Fabbriconi and Zocca, therefore it has a profound meaning, made even more understood by the masterful interpretation of the two artists who have the opportunity to confront on stage with two very similar styles and with the text of the song Shivers who asks himself many questions and is able to reflect. Already a few days after the victory at the Festival, the song reached unexpected listening peaks. But why is it so successful? Because the song analyses the intense emotions that love causes at any age, the fear of making mistakes, of feeling inadequate. The appreciation therefore exceeded all expectations, even of the singers themselves, proud that a song so important to them has already managed to conquer such a vast audience.

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Andrea Scaletta