What I’m trying to write today I believe cannot be satisfied by any ideal word. So much bitterness persists within us that, with each passing moment, we are forced to view terrible events of which man is always the author, the creator of such an action but at the same time the destroyer of it; but above all pain is rampant in the houses of innocent, unfortunate, wounded people, not so much externally as internally. To those in power, people without conscience, what do you think a war can solve but spread even more sadness? Our soul, our dignity cannot be trampled by the explosion of a bomb. Nobody will get out unharmed. Yet society boasts so much in the 21st century of the advancement of technology, of being modern, but unfortunately it isn’t reflected in the still backward mentality of people unable to adapt to change. A lot is taught in preschools, starting from an early age, not to use violence, to help others and solve a problem with words, never with a violent act. Yet, if the world appears so unfair and barbaric, how can we hope for solidarity or for our “tomorrow”? Or to teach such naive and pure minds something ideal that does not exist in the world? Rather I refuse to refrain from fool them, hearing the daily news. This brings me scare, terror and concern for my loved ones and for my little and innocent nephew. I think about what I’d be willing to bear in order not to see him suffer, in order not to allow him to face such a bitter and atrocious reality. We should reflect on our actions appreciating the time we have available, as it’s fleeting; we young people do not deserve to be judged, accused of doing nothing for change or even causing problems for society. We are young, not divinities. We can represent the progress, but we cannot exercise power. Who owns it has just proclaimed the beginning of a plague, a new war without an end. I address in silence with respect to the victims, who are human beings like me. Welcome back to 1940.

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