Amici 20, Giulia Stabile: “This victory is for all the dancers who failed to make it to the end”*

Amici di Maria De Filippi has been enjoying great appreciation for years, and above all a certain following, so much so that it is certainly positioned among the most viewed and followed programs ever. This twentieth edition just ended, saw Giulia Stabile triumph, the dancer who joined Veronica Peparini’s team, who strongly wanted her from the beginning of the journey. Giulia managed to take home the final prize of 150 thousand euros in gold tokens, but she also got the Tim prize, delivered by Elena D ‘Amario, worth 30 thousand euros.
We spoke directly to her in this interview.

*How does it feel to be the winner of “Amici 2021”? *
“I have supported the program ever since I discovered it. The first editions I saw were those with Elena D’Amario, Christian Pace … I have always supported the dancers. The dancers who managed to win were 3… Andreas, for example, supported me a lot, he supported me a lot, he gave me a huge hand. I’ve always cheered for dancers. This victory is also for all those dancers who have not managed to make it to the end. “

*What are your goals for the future?*
“The biggest goal is to have the certainty of being able to live on this. I would like to have a huge baggage full of experiences. First of all, I would like to finish school and graduate, to complete the high school diploma that I should have done this year. It was impossible to do everything in a few months. I’ll do a year as a private owner and then I hope to be able to work and live from this.

*Who is the person who has helped you the most in this path?*
“Sangio was so close to me, he always had the right words for me. It is as if the two children who are present in us have met. He makes me think more, but I make him think less! My and Sangio’s message is to move forward, not to give up, despite everything. My victory belonged to both of us. He has won everything he could win on the program. He has an absurd career ahead of him.
In addition to a turning point in my professional life, Amici di Maria De Filippi also proved to be an opportunity to grow, given my young age. “
*How was your path?*
“It has been a steady growth. Compared to the beginning, I feel like someone else. It’s been a lifetime but, at the same time, it feels like two seconds have passed! I was also closed in the thoughts I did. I tried to protect myself in case it went wrong. Then, I started to open up more. I had never been away from home, I feel more adult even in this. When I go to live alone, now I know that I will be able to even if I have to learn to cook a little better! “
*What will you do with the money?*
“I’ll buy Mom a dishwasher! Certainly, I will not do stupid things, I will keep them aside for the future and to continue studying. “

*Can you tell us some of the moments when you thought dance wasn’t really your way?*
“The most fragile moment, before Amici, was the three years of middle school that destroyed me. When I started high school, I found my frailties and my insecurities had also increased. They told me about all the colors … It also happened that I went back to class and found my things destroyed, like a jacket cut with scissors. There, I thought of the sacrifice of my parents who bought those things … A wickedness of which I cannot find the meaning. “
*What does this victory represent for you?*
“It was my revenge.
I dedicate the victory to all the people who have truly supported me, not to the people who now tell me to believe in me when, in reality, they never believed it. “

Thank you very much for this interview. Your words will be a spur to many fragile girls, an encouragement to think that you have to believe in your dreams, pursue them with determination and face your weaknesses head on.

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