A strange chase

According to an article on ANSA, which particularly struck me, it deals with a man who was traveling in a large-displacement vehicle and while some soldiers were carrying out a check, he, despite the halt, increased the speed giving life to a real Chase. After having surrounded him, the policeman managed to block him, identify him and retrieve an object he had thrown from the window. It was a Smith & Wesson drum pistol with a serial number, belonging to another man who died two years ago. Fortunately, the man was arrested but still there are no tensions about how he came into possession of this weapon. Such events still happen today and unfortunately what could be done is to constantly keep an eye on these subjects to ensure that they do not harm civilians who normally walk or are nearby. The use of weapons has always been considered dangerous, especially if in the hands of ruthless and out of control men who, having a gun in their hands, would be able to unleash hell. This article struck me because I thought it was different from many where the police chase gunmen or criminals but cannot reach them or where many policemen are killed. In this I noticed something different, the man does not seem to have killed any innocent but the only thing that intrigues me to know is why he possessed such a weapon that belonged to a dead man. We could say that quite suspicious is the fact that the man threw the weapon knowing he was being chased by cops. Escaping from the military and escaping is a crime, carrying firearms is also a crime. This man had no reason to run away if he had nothing to hide but something makes the cops think that the man is hiding secrets and we will soon find out more about this story.

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Di Felice Serena