Yesterday, Saturday May 21st,  the return match of the quarter-final of the play-off series c was played.

The first leg ended 2-1 in favour of the “Rosanero”, so you have to grit your teeth for the return game to play at home.

The choreography is, once again, from the top category. A show worthy of a big match in Serie A: this is how Palermo-Virtus Entella begins that must assign the last free place among the 4 semifinalists of these playoffs promotions: 33,024 against 19 guests present.

But the start of the match is very fragmented with an Entella visibly surrendering and a Palermo suffering in the first minutes, with Lancini in obvious difficulty.

On the 4th, Palermo scored a goal after a textbook break, but the referee promptly cancelled: Brunori had kicked and hit the post, Floriano, an empty goal had bagged. But in the end, nothing. From that moment very fragmented phases of the game, when the Rosanero press puts in awe the Biancocelesti but the attempts were sporadic and almost useless.

After about twenty minutes from the start whistle, the guys of mister Baldini start to gain metres on the half of the opposing field, and they try again with Luperini who heads on a corner kick and sends the ball out a little. Palermo begins to be there, as the protagonist.

Despite the plots of the game being hard to come out, the game systems of the two teams are different and certainly the show at Barbera benefits. The last important opportunity for the first time almost expires, at 44′. The whole Rosanero bench asked for a penalty for a clear foul by Sadiki on Brunori at the beginning of the small area. The protests continue for a few seconds and the Virtus Entella is immediately in a situation of two against one: is good for Lancini to retaliate the dangerous passage of Magrassi. It goes to the interval at 0-0 after witnessing a match at times funny, sometimes overly tactical but definitely enjoyable. A time certainly lively and hectic

The second half opens with the spectre of a nightmare that no one wants to believe.

After a very important opportunity for Palermo, 51′ with Soleri, 56′ came a penalty kick from dubious veracity. Merkaj makes the goal, his 14th this season. The Entella goes 0-1 and silence for a few moments the more than 33 thousand present at Barbera.

The Sicilian team continues to be in full confusion and after 15 minutes, at 71′, Karic scores 0-2. At this moment L’Entella is in the semifinals, Palermo out. The sky turns black, the children do not smile and are incredulous, the roar turns into a deafening silence.

But the absurd comes here: at 77′ Soleri shortens the distance with a shot that from the edge of the area, kicked very strongly, Borra displaces. Barbera is back to being a brawl.

It only takes a little more than 4 minutes to finally rekindle the dream: Fella, inverted, seals the 2-2. The Rosanero are one step away from the semifinal.

In the last minutes the race is very fragmented, giving manoeuvre and continuity to the game is almost impossible. Triple whistle, 2-2 at Barbera. The Rosanero go on, they will face Feralpisalòin the semifinals : gone away for the Rosanero on Wednesday 25th.

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Mario Tropea – Giulia Stracquadaini



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