Greece is probably one of the most popular beach destinations for Italians and many European travelers.
Rich in history, with millenary traditions, graced by a warm and mostly sunny climate, with thousands of kilometers of rugged coastline, with countless islands and islets immersed in a crystalline sea, it is suitable for all types of travelers, from the laziest lovers of leisure and seaside life to the more adventurous backpackers. Greece has always been a destination for travelers from all over the world, also because with a limited budget it still offers more than satisfactory accommodations.

In 2018 my classmates and I from the high school Liceo Fratelli Testa in Sicily participated in an eTwinning project, entitled “Tracing Magna Grecia”, along with our school partner from Greece, the 17th Lyceum of Athens.
As the first destination, once we arrived in Athens, we went to a resort not far from the city, where we stayed for the duration of the trip.

In the following days, we not only had the opportunity to visit Athens and its extraordinary monuments, such as the Parthenon, but we also went to neighboring cities to visit many other museums such as the “Delphi Museum” or the “Lion’s Gate” of Mycenae. Cradle of pre-Roman civilization, home of philosophers and architects, the town that gave rise to the myth of Olympia, the city of Athens offers unique archaeological sites, neighborhoods rich in history and traditions halfway between East and West. Although, in my view, the most interesting part of the trip was certainly the meeting with the Greek students to complete the eTwinning project that I previously mentioned.

When we arrived at the Lyceum and met the students, who welcomed us warmly and immediately led us to the auditorium after a short visit of the school, we respectively staged shows that were typical of our cultures. The students of my school staged the “Tarantella”, a typical Sicilian dance, while the students of the Greek school danced the “Sirtaki” and it was really exciting because we all learned something new while having a great time.
This trip was a fantastic experience, I thank my school for giving us this opportunity and I hope that each of the participants have left something meaningful which will always be remembered.

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