«Vacca», «scrofa», this is how the professor of History at the University of Siena, Giovanni Gozzini, addressed Meloni, intervening at the microphones of the Florentine broadcaster Controradio to comment on the speech at the Chamber of Fdi’s leader. The teacher then apologized but his words had already become a case. The solidarity call of the President of the Republic «there is an impassable limit between criticism and violence». Those insults to Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni outraged Mattarella and sparked a revolt on social media and in the political world

Although the professor apologized publicly and made his apologies directly to Meloni, the debates on social media continue to exist and that those  words were spoken by a university professor makes the offenses even more intolerable.  After the incident many women have shown solidarity for Congresswoman Meloni, through messages or posts on Twitter, we should take example and always support the next helping him to overcome criticism that today are increasingly frequentakes the offenses even more intolerable. I am incredulous that in 2021 we can still achieve everything,  that in 2021 there are still people with this backward mentality to the point of insulting in such a way and let us realize why once again the woman is the protagonist of such scandals.

Gratuitous and violent insults directed especially at a woman as in this case must be condemned with severity and determination.
I think we should never insult anyone, not even the person with whom we do not share any ideas; let us try to make the street a better place, let us try to be more supportive especially we young people who are the future.

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