GOOD MORNING  everybody, we’re Salvatore Incardona, Salvatore Giammello,  two students from class 2D of Ottavio Gravina De Cruyllas school and we would like to let you know a Music teacher who works in our school, even if she doesn’t teach us.

She’s one of the best sopranos in Sicily.
… Her name is Simona Calà Campana. She is a  soprano and she is popular in Italy, as well as in Germany and France.  She has also sung with the famous tenor José Carreras in 2018 in Pesaro and after achieving a degree in Conservatorio, a master in music therapy,  she is currently a teacher in our school . She also manages a  music association , called Maria Callas, the singer  she considers as her role model. She leads the choir of  White voices.

Today we’re in  the teachers’room in our school to interview her , because we’re very proud of her!

Students: Good morning, Mrs Simona, could we ask some questions about you career and passion, please?

Simona: Good morning, yes, sure , It’s a pleasure! How are you doing?

Students: it’s ok, thank you and you?

Simona: I’m very well, thank you.

Salvatore I.: ok, let’s start with the first question: when was you passion for music born?

with José Carreras

Simona:             there isn’t any  precise moment  in life. Music is inside us, it can go out at any time. I started studying the piano when I was  8  in Tortorici, the  town where I was born. I’ve always studied with all my  passion for music.  When I was  18 years old I started studying opera singing and, in the meantime,  I improved  my voice performing all over Italy until I got my teacher degree.

Salvatore G.:  What emotions do you feel when you devote yourself to  your work?
Simona:      the emotions I feel are indescribable because in my opinion singing  is like flying , “I fly”, I transform myself, and I try to interpret the song and the character of the song . I sing arias, lyrics by Puccini, Vincenzo Bellini, Bohème, Mozart, jazz, opera of the XIX and XX centuries, holy music,   Schubert. My repertoire is holy and profane too. Music is part of me and when I sing I can express my emotions. Singing is what matters and if you take that away from me you take everything away from me! I like when I communicate emotions to the public and to my students too.

Salvatore I.:        What is necessary to become a good musician?
Simona:        you must put your heart into work, follow your passion, have musical ear, intonation, and willpower : the road to become a musician is always tortuous, because there is always strong competition between musicians. 

Salvatore G.:              What moments of your career and life do you remember and which ones gave you the best satisfactions?
Simona:       I have  good memories of each concert I’ve done as a soloist. I started playing in Tortorici;  my first concert was when I was 18 with the art of singing with romances, opera ; later I sang in Messina and from that moment I started singing in Catania, Palermo, Enna.  I’ve  also participated in national and international competitions where I was  always among the first. Soon after I started playing in theaters; in Pesaro , in 2019,  the staff called me to sing with the world famous tenor José Carreras and I was the only Sicilian to be selected to sing with him. I am very proud of this! I sang with him for a week, he noticed my voice but above all my interpretation. He tought me how to be humble and remain humble and simple despite success. But the most unforgettable moment in my life was when I gave birth to my son:  when he was born I couldn’t stop singing in the delivery room because I wanted to express all my happiness through music! I dedicated the song “Tu che mi hai preso il cuor” to my son Johann!

Salvatore I.:     How have you become known to the public?

Simona: Thanks to my  hard work, step by step, performance after performance, year by year, I’ve still  a lot to learn, it’s a long road and the most important thing is to sing with all my heart. I started singing in my hometown, then in Padova, in Milan, Paris, in Germany with my friend Richard Ritterman, in Padova and in Tokio. I did it all by myself, thanks to my willpower, I thank my teacher, Mrs Ioppolo.  Humility is the dowry of a great artist!

Students:  Simona, congratulations! thank you for answering our questions. See you soon.

Simona:      thanks to you,  goodbye. Music is the beating heart that beats inside us!

Simona’s dream  is to sing again with José Carreras.  Simona,  we wish you  the best!

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Salvatore Giammello- Salvatore Incardona- Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino




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