Hello everybody, I’m Sofia Platania from class 2 B of Casella School and I’d like to let you know my Italian teacher. 

Her name is Martina Asero, she is versatile person. As a young woman, she studied singing, acting and dance in Sicily. Then she went to London where she lived in 2011 and wrote the novel “The Dream and the Vision”. After achieving a degree in Literature and a second in Languages, she is currently a teacher in our school, “Casella”, a middle school in Pedara (in the province of Catania). She also manages a youtube channel called “Ima AndtheBooks” where she talks about her experiences with great literary figures. 

Also, she’s recently participated in the TV show “Avanti un altro”.

Today we are going to ask her a few questions: 

Journalist: Hello, could we ask you some questions? 

Martina Asero: Good morning, sure! 

Journalist: How did you approach the world of dance? 

Martina Asero: My mother is a ballet teacher. I started dancing when I was very young in her school, then I became passionate about the theater and with my husband Salvo I founded “La Compagnia del Sesto Senso”.

Journalist: Was it easy to pass the competition for the teaching job?

Martina Asero: Not at all. The competition was very difficult and I had to study a lot, but I was very determined to make it. 

Journalist: Although you have achieved two degrees, I know that you did not stop studying English and Spanish, at the moment you want to expand your cultural background with other oriental languages?

Martina Asero: It’s true. I have a degree in Literature and a second degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, but I always continue to study because studying is exciting. Learning other languages offers many opportunities and opens up new horizons. At the moment I am studying Japanese (I love it!), French and I have recently started with Romanian. In the future, who knows! 

Journalist: How did you approach the youtube world? 

Martina Asero: I opened the Ima AndtheBooks youtube channel in 2016, just for fun. I had seen videos of other boys and girls talking about books online and I thought I could too, since I read several books a year. Do you want to know how many? It depends on the available time but they are around 150, then the channel grew and now we are over 23,000. 

Journalist: How do you manage to convey so much love for literature to young people? 

Martina Asero: I think that when you love something deeply it is natural to pass on your passion to others because it is so overwhelming that it cannot be contained! I am happy that the very young are approaching the world of reading: books are wonderful travel companions, they expand knowledge and make the imagination fly. 

Journalist:I know that you took part in the TV show “Avanti un altro” on Channel 5, how was your experience? 

Martina Asero: It was a fun experience and I met nice and cultured people, like the polyglot Andrea Ripamonti, who speaks 12 languages. I was disappointed with the broadcast, however: everything I had said on the YouTube channel and the school was cut and my intervention was penalized compared to the others who had more time. I did not find it fair.

Journalist:I understand, it was very interesting to talk to you, thank you for sharing with us your time. 

Martina Asero: you’re welcome! Thank you; see you soon!

Journalist: See you soon!

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