JOURNALIST 1: Hello everyone, today we will do an interview with Jacopo Scirè Calabrisotto, a student of 2 B.

JOURNALIST 2: Hi Jacopo, would you like to answer an interview for us?

JACOPO: Hello everyone; it’s OK for me.

JOURNALIST 1: Ok, let’s get started!

JOURNALIST 1: How old are you? Where and when were you born?

JACOPO: I am 12 years old, I was born on 6 June 2008 in Catania.

JOURNALIST 1: Do you have brothers or sisters?

JACOPO: Yes, I have a sister, her name is Giulia and she is 16 years old.

JOURNALIST 2: How tall are you?

JACOPO: I’m 1.66 tall.

JOURNALIST 1: What is your favorite sport?

 JACOPO: My favorite sports are soccer and swimming.

JOURNALIST 2: What is your hobby?

JACOPO: My hobby is playing the Play Station.

JOURNALIST 1: What are your favorite subjects?

JACOPO: My favorite subjects are English and motor skills.

JOURNALIST 2: What is your favorite color?

JACOPO: My favorite color is orange.

JOURNALIST 1: What is your favorite food?

JACOPO: My favorite food is Double Chicken BBQ.

JOURNALIST 1: Okay, the interview is over. See you next time!

JACOPO: Ok, see you next time!

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