In these long months of pandemic in which the lives of so many millions of people seem to be suspended and crystallized in a bubble of fear and loneliness, my dog ​​has been a lifeline for me. I have thought many times over the words of an article we read with the Italian teacher on the condition of us adolescents in this sad and dark period. The author-journalist reflects on who is taking care of us children in this flowering phase that is adolescence, during which life must be lived to the full and that we, unfortunately, with darkened and dull faces, are forced to see it pass in front.

How many missing memories will we have in the future? I refer to those fifth-year students, like me, who, due to the pandemic, do not enjoy the last year sharing half days with their classmates or they will no longer enjoy the warmth of the teachers too, through simple comfort in moments of weakness.

The virtual world now seems to be the only way out of this pandemic, and now everything is missing in our daily lives, hugs, kisses, close contact with the people we love, but one of the most important things is our freedom. In this long and sad period that we have and are still going through, I have had the support of my family, but also of my four-legged friend. He has always been a great point of reference for me, ready to get me a laugh or play his favourite games. He pushes me to get out of my bunker with the excuse of his needs just to get some air. It is a Golden Retriever and this type of breed, in addition to being mild and docile by nature, is covered with a long golden coat that requires a lot of daily care. Those who do not love animals often ask themselves: “But how can a dog give so much happiness?”. To tell the truth, I don’t even know but I try to give my opinion based on my personal experience.

The dog is the only living being on earth to be always faithful to you, to be there at any time you need, to send you through a simple look so much love and tranquillity and it is also an excellent company. I am happy to have a dog who loves me so much, who shows me his love at any time of the day. His gaze is one of the points of reference when I feel disheartened and I can also assure you that his love for me is undoubtedly reciprocated. Well, what else? I recommend you to buy or adopt a dog if you don’t already have one.

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