In this period of pandemic the research for vaccine  is very complicated. It seems that a new vaccine low cost is produced with eggs. It  could change the course  of this pandemic.

This  new clinical experimentation  took place in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam. It could change the way the world is fighting the pandemic. There was a big one effort to succeed in developing a new generation vaccine, but at the same time it was designed for the poorest countries. The scientist Anna Rubartelli, professor at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan, says enthusiastically that the research has developed a vaccine of new generation but at the same time it was designed for the poorest countries. The new vaccine called NDV-HXP-s is first in studies to use a new molecular design that it has been shown to create more potent antibodies in comparison to the actual vaccines. Above all it is very easy to realize and cheaper than the others.

If NDV-HXP-S will be safe and effective on humans as well as it was experimented  on animals,the industry of vaccines could produce  a huge quantity of it a year.

The eggs produce abundance of new copies of the virus that is  extracted, weakened or killed, and finally inserted into vaccines. The story about this vaccine is very long, there are a lot of discussions about the brevet.

The scientist Rubartelli claims that the vaccine is extremely good and easy to produce. Above all the production could be more accessible for the poorest countries. It is the best solution. Humanity hopes that new experimentations would continue to fight future pandemic and save many people.

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Roberta Nicoleta Huluba e Cosimo Condorelli


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