A new Sanremo

We can really say that this year we have witnessed an innovative, engaging and inclusive Sanremo.

We saw on the stage of the Ariston theatre characters of the caliber of Drusilla Foer who impressed with her monologue on uniqueness, a great lesson on the acceptance of oneself and others, which goes straight to the heart without rhetoric and clichés. We then saw a second monologue on the second evening of the festival broadcast by a moved and extremely excited Lorena Cesarini who told her story, saying no to racism. To ease the tension we saw the comedy of Checco Zalone who, with his irony did not, however, surpass the couple Amadeus Fiorello who made us dream once again on the first night.

Many of the artists have distinguished themselves by expressing their being also through looks born from the immense originality of well-known designers. But speaking of music among the least appreciated, but in my opinion the best was Michele Bravi who with his immense humility gave us the magic of finding ourselves every night. In fact, as he himself stated, his intent was to allow people to turn their heads away from a distracted world and look inside, all with the help of music. Other artists such as Achille Lauro have instead focused on provocation to make people talk about themselves, few have distinguished themselves for bringing music worthy of Sanremo to the stage, among these there was the young Matteo Romano who in duet with Malika Ayane on the occasion of the evening of cover made us all excited to the tune of “Your song”.

 On the podium we finally saw a real generational clash, in fact Mahmood and Blanco won the victory, very much acclaimed by the youngsters, a victory however snatched from a highly superior singer-songwriter such as Elisa.

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Beatrice Rabbito




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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