In recent weeks, there has been talk of a possible outbreak of a Third World War. All this began when the Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in a press conference that he would invade Ukraine, at any moment, to seize the country’s many gas pipelines. On the border between the two states, trenches are beginning to be prepared and the Russian army is ready to attack with all its might. After the conference, all the heads of state were alarmed and began to prepare the army for a battle that will be even more devastating than the Second World War. The United States, France and England are preparing to defend Ukraine, while China has already signed an agreement with Russia. The Mediterranean is also about to become a battlefield, in fact the French and English ships are already deployed to the East while the Russian ones to the West. Even today we do not know how the facts will evolve, what we can do is wait for the situation to be resolved politically and in the best possible way.

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Samuele Bisignano


I.O. Don Bosco – E. Majorana, Troina – Classe 3B, Scuola Secondaria I grado, Gagliano C.to