A meaningful period of our life

“End of the state of emergency, back to normality?”

What happened two years ago, on the 11th of March 2020?
On that date began the state of emergency in Italy. Since then, many things have changed for everyone: from the youngest to the oldest, in various aspects of everyone’s life.

Suddenly, we were all locked in our houses. Schools were closed and therefore replaced with online lessons. Athletes could not practice their sport and adults started working directly from home. Every form of social life was restricted, almost eliminated. At a certain point, every single place was empty.

The only way to communicate and keep in touch with people other than family was by making phone calls, video calls, and texting. This has probably been a cause of sadness, especially for teenagers.
It was surely a period of loneliness for everybody. Meanwhile, the situation was only getting worse. More and more people were getting sick. The urge to go to the hospital in intensive care started concerning lots of people, especially the elders. Consequently, there was the problem of too little space for patients, that unfortunately, started to die more frequently. We were getting into a downfall.

Little by little, everybody tried to follow the rules, like staying in quarantine, wearing masks and respecting the distance. Consequently, the situation got finally better. Even if almost everything has improved, to this day, the common fear has not disappeared completely. We all hope that normal life will get back soon, but it seems hard to forget about everything that happened in this meaningful period of our life.

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