A life as a politician: Sergio Mattarella

Mattarella was born on July 23rd 1941 in Palermo. He is the fourth son of Bernardo Mattarella and Maria Buccellato. Every Sicilian remembers his brother Piersanti who was a victim of Cosa Nostra during the period he was President of the Region of Sicily. Mattarella as a young man, for the political commitments of his father, moved to Rome where, after graduating from high school, attended the university of Law at La Sapienza. In 1967 he signed up in the register of lawyers in the Forum of Palermo and began to teach at the university in his hometown. In 1980 he joined the Democrazia Cristiana, an Italian political party of Christian democratic and moderate inspiration, and after that he began his assignments in politics. Later on he was appointed Minister of Education and the Vice-President of the Council. The following years he was elected several times as a deputy at the Camera. On January 31st, Mattarella was elected with 665 votes as President of the Italian Republic. During the 7 years of his first term, he faced the political crisis of 2016, 2019 and 2021. In 2018, he initiated elections to create a new government that was reformed in 2019 following the resignation of the head of government Giuseppe Conte. Beginning in 2020, Sergio Mattarella set to work to stem the problems of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally in 2022, after several votes, he was elected for his second term as President of the Republic with 759 votes. This re-nomination wasn’t wanted by Sergio Mattarella, so I think that the Italian parliament during the 8 days of elections could have found another politician to candidate.

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