A Letter to Anna Frank

Dear Anna,

Hi! How are you? You know, also this year we have read short stories and watched videos about you and your people and, as in the past,  we are grieved and sorry for the suffering and humiliations you suffered.

Our English teacher made us translate and comment on several sentences taken from your diary, too. We were particularly impressed by the sentence that says “I believe in the sun even when it rains”. We think that you are optimistic, kind and pure because you still believe in mankind despite everything.

You know, Anna, we see you in the face, in the eyes of the children who are happy, sad, thoughtful, angry, suffering  and humiliated. We see you around us and far away from us because for us you represent happiness, sadness and then the hope of a better world.

Thank you for all this.

Kisses and bugs

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Cristina Grillo and Michelle Portovenero


Classe 3^B Istituto Comprensivo “S. Margherita” Messina


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