A Lego Store in Catania: magic is here!

On November 26, 2021, something great happened in Catania: the inauguration of a Lego Certified store! This is a great piece of news for all the Lego fans in Sicily…The new Lego store has just opened inside the big department store Coin, on via Etnea. It is open every day, except on Sundays.

A few days ago, I went to Catania to find out more about the store and write this news article.

Inside the shop (covering a 130 square metre area), you can find everything: from tiny pieces placed one by one to large assembled Legos, of any types: Harry Potter, Disney, “Mom I missed the plane” or Lego city.

In addition, you can also find houses, villages, castles, planes, Christmas helicopters…And if you are into Disney, you can buy the brand new Disney Christmas Lego box, which can also be found in the Catania Lego store.

My visit to the Lego store

To me, the Lego store is a magic place…The best thing is that for each Lego we can find the reconstruction placed on a platform that rotates at 360° degrees!

The shop is also a great meeting place for sharing your Lego passion with family and friends. You can pick and build whatever you like, so you can use your imagination to create your works of art and display them at home or school. Entering the shop you may get some inspiration for your next masterpiece!

Of course, the Catania store wouldn’t be complete without a big model of a blue and red elephant, the symbol of the city! I couldn’t resist taking a photo with it!

I definitely recommend you go and visit the shop as soon as possible – it’s a must-see! What are you waiting for?

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Alberto Alessandro Buscema