Alfio, Filadelfo and Cirino were three brothers, born in Vaste, in Puglia and killed in the era of persecutions and for this reason they are considered holy martyrs.

Their death is celebrated on 10 May. The holy martyrs are Patrons of Lentini, San Fratello, Sant’Alfio, Scifì, Trecastagni, Vaste. Sant’Alfio is considered the protector of the dumb.

 Their parents were martyred like their children. The three holy martyrs were educated by Evodio, Byzantium and Onesimus. Their names have meanings: Philadelphus means friend of his brother, Alfio means fair-skinned and Cirino means little gentleman.

In 250 the Emperor Treboniano Gallus issued an edict, which said that every person suspicious of Christianity had to offer incense to the Roman gods and to the emperor. In 251 many citizens of Vaste were arrested including Alfio, Filadelfo and Cirino, who were brought to Sicily. They also captured Onesimus who was killed.

On 25 August 252 the three brothers arrived and were brought to Taormina by Tertullo, who welcomed them into his palace to question them, but since he could not get them to convert, he had them taken to Lentini to have them killed.

During the journey they stopped near Etna, in that place, subsequently, the villages of Sant’Alfio and Trecastagni were born.

In August they arrived in Catania where they were imprisoned. Today the prison that housed them is located under the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where there is a marble plaque and a painting.

At dawn, they were taken to Lentini where they crossed the Simeto river where they were pushed by eight pagan soldiers who drowned.



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