If you know me well, then you might also know that if you want me to be happy, you have to organise something that has to do with Japanese culture. My ideal evening must be calm and peaceful, but also funny, indeed I like to spend evenings like these with my best friend (he’s very annoying, but so am I, and we are the only ones who stand the eachother). Usually, my parents take me to a Japanese restaurant in Florence. It’s a very small one, but it looks like to actually be in Japan. The only bad thing is that finding a table is very difficult, you gotta call a week before. The owner is kind, he gives you a cup of macha (Japanese tea) as soon as you enter. The evening goes on very quietly, as it’s normal in Japanese culture. The meals are small, but delicious. My favourite one is sashimi. I love this place, it feels peaceful and quiet. After my beautiful dinner I always eat some mochi, balls of ice cream in a layer of rice flour. After dinner I always enjoy going to theatre or cinema, I like both classical opera and American comedies. I hope I’ll be able to do this again after the pandemic. 



Paola Caparello


2A SSPG Primo Levi…per ricordare, Uzzano, Pistoia
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