The province of Enna is defined as “an island within an island”, the only one of the nine landlocked, with landscape and naturalistic features that make it truly unique in the island context. One of the wonders of the province is the nature reserve of Mount Sambughetti-Campanito, a real hidden paradise.
The Campanito nature reserve has four areas: the beech forest of Bosco della Giumenta, the lakes of Mount Campanito, the cork oak forest of Monte Coniglio and the pastures of San Martino. The reserve area is particularly rich in mushrooms which attracts both professional and improvised gatherers. In this environment lives a fauna rich in species: the Sicilian pond turtle, various amphibians, the grass snake, the marten, the wild cat, the great spotted woodpecker, the buzzard, hawks and more. The dominant vegetation is made up of poplars and ash trees, there are also some American maples, brambles and the common wild rose. In the lakes that you meet along the way it is possible to observe a very varied vegetation: poplars from Canada, hawthorns, black pines and black locusts, beautiful flowers, such as water carnations and other aquatic plants. The fauna is also very interesting such as the Sicilian marsh tortoise, porcupine, hedgehog, fox, dormouse, weasel, as well as kestrel, buzzard and sparrow hawk.
In a humid environment, full of moss and lichens, beeches, turkey oaks and oaks draw one of the most beautiful green lungs of Sicily. In this area, among other things, it is possible to observe some older trees from which the name of the mountain derives.
This and other curiosities can be discovered by visiting the nearby Multimedia Museum of the Sicilian Mountain, located in San Martino district, on the southern slope of the massif. In the Museum there are five rooms dedicated to the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the mountains, in a path full of scientific information and above all full of interactive and multimedia installations, perfect for both a young and an adult audience.

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