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Manuela Ricci begins her climb to success from a platform called “wattpad”. She is much loved by guys, especially by romantics ones. Let’s know the writer better… Manuela Ricci, called “Starfreedom” on social media, is a mum and loves her family. This writer started working very young and has loved reading since childhood. She got even closer to writing during a particular period of her life, during which she could not work. After the success of ‘A forbidden love’, she has not stopped since! This book was above all the beginning of a trilogy; this is followed by other spectacular ‘sports novels’. What’s the book about                                                                                 
Damon Sanders, from whose eyes nothing shines through, will be able to engulfyou in the chaos of his life. The tattoos that marks his body hide deep scars that no one knoes about. He returns to Medford, is hometown, after two years in which he has lost track of himself, bringing with him secrets and lies that will put a strain on his old circle of friends and beyond…His eyes clash with those of Allyson Evans, a sunny girl with a contagious smile who has recently moved to the city to attend her first year of studies at “Tufts University”. She is ignorant of everything there she surrounds, she will be overwhelmed by a world that doesn’t belong to her and from which to escape seems to be a lost game from the start, a world that will capture the same reader by dragging him into a vortex of emotions.


  How was your passion for writing born?                                                  
“My passion for writing was born when I was just a teenager and I loved to write down my every thought, my every emotion and then go and reread them after a while and rediscover every sensation I had experienced between those lines” Have you ever imagined that one day your passion would become your job?                                                                 
“Honestly not, I was writing solely for myself and Ididn’t believe that be able to thrill the audience of readers who follow me now” Are you happy with what you will be able to build over the years?                                                                                                 
“I’m happy and grateful to be able to share what I love with my readers”   As you know, books are another world, in which you can always take refuge without asking. By writing do you have the opportunity to express yourself, what you have inside…how much “does A forbidden love” represent your “fantasy world”?                                                  
“A forbidden love isn’t only the fruit of my imagination: I met a person who had a turbolent life like Damon’s and it was an inspiration for me, to perfectly outline such a problematic character like him “How is your relationship with your fans?                                         
 “My relationship with them is unreal: we text each other, we call some of them. They’re a constant in my life and it’s amazing!” Is the choise of character names random?                                              
 “No, all the names have been carefully chosen”. In your opinion, what’s more attractive than this boy with an apparent doom?                                                                       
“Myself, being a woman, I still struggle to understand why we’re usually attracted to the beautiful and the damned, but that’s the way it is. Her being elusive about her makes him almost an obsession in the eyes of those who cannot have it”. If you had the opportunity to give advice on the issues addressed in your book to those guys who have lived a parallel life within your story and to all of us who continue to follow and support you every day, what would you say?           
“I advise you never to give up, never to believe that in life, as happened to Damon, there are loopholes, because it isn’t so Also, I advise you to believe in yourself…”.

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