A guide to second-hand retail sites.

As I said in the previous article, E-Commerce has become very popular in the last few years. It has also helped a lot with the sale of second-hand things, thanks to new types of more secure online payments and fast shipping all-over the world. Second hand retail is not good only for those who want to find stuff they need for cheap, but also for the environment, because by buying used stuff instead of new stuff we can save a lot of waste plastic and materials that are used during the making process. What are the most famous online flea markets In Italy? 

They are: 

● Subito 

● eBay 


Subito is a quite recent website that has become more popular during the years. Unlike eBay, it is a sort of social network where people post their announcements for the stuff they want to sell with the price tag, photos and a description of the product. Then people who are interested can chat with the seller about possible price changes or more details on shipping and the various payment methods. 

On Subito everyone can post their ads and If they want to reach more people they can pay a few euros to advertise their items. 


eBay is way older than Subito, and has also a greater reputation. It is a very different platform compared to the other one, for example, on eBay you pay directly on the site with your card or bank account, so you don’t have to make deals with the seller; it also grants a customer service for refunds, this is something that only recently Subito has started doing. On eBay you can also find retail new stuff rather than used stuff, and there is also a system of auctions for buying things.

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