Pelé is a former Brazilian footballer and is considered one of the greatest footballers in football history.

He is also the only footballer in history to have won the honorary Golden Ball.

He is the only footballer in history to have won 3 World Cups with his national team, Brazil.

His story began in 1956 when he was noticed by an observer who accompanied him to do an audition for the Santos. He made his professional debut the same year and the following year he made his debut with the national team at the age of 16.

Before Pelé’s international debut, Brazil was the third strongest team in South America. After his debut and thanks to his great performances, it became the first.

In 1958 he played his first world championship, which he also managed to win, playing as a protagonist.

His characteristics were an infallible shot and an astonishing speed. Pelé managed to make his Brazil win the World Cup two more times, in 1962 and in 1970. He also won nine championships with Santos.

In 1978 Pelé moved to the New York Cosmos team and, with his move to the United States, football culture spread to America.

On 1 October 1977, Pelé said goodbye to football and did not pursue any career as a coach.

On 1 January 1995, Pelé was appointed extraordinary minister of sport in Brazil, he then resigned in 1998.

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