A friend can do the impossible for you and vice versa. He is always available to share moments, you probably have tastes in common, you share the same friendships, you dislike the same people.    If someone becomes your enemy, he is enemy for both. It is good to remember that when a person very close to you is not happy and satisfied with his/her own life, and does not enjoy your successes, you have to be careful! A true friend is always happy for you when you reach an important goal, regardless of whether he/she has had the same luck as you. If he/she is not happy for you, it means that he/she is envious of you. The envy is a very common feeling in human beings. The idea of ​​seeing your dreams come true for someone else, even if this is your best friend, in some cases, changes the fraternal relationship between two people. Among friends it is normal to share ideas and influence each other to do or not do something. Envy towards you can be hidden by your friend who could influence you in making a choice, you will believe it is an act of support towards you but its goal is to lead you astray. A friend’s envy is very toxic!   

For instance, when someone reaches a dream, a goal, the fake friends around him/her will analyze whether they could benefit from it or not and, based on this, they will act for better or for worse. If we achieve success, before listening to a friend’s positive or negative comments, we need to understand what he/she says and if he/she is trying to manipulate us to his/her liking.                                         

 We must be able to recognize this type of friend because unfortunately, there may be fake people who are with you only for interest or convenience. It is sad but it is true that there are people who spend time comparing their lives with those of others, and they behave based on this comparison.   They need to feel superior, they are the most cynical, they try to upset your goals to get you back under them. And it is not surprising that these people often remain alone and without friends.  If they focused all this energy on falling in love, loving each other or growing as individuals, they obviously would have a better quality of life and things would work better for them, without the need to overshadow others. For this reason we can well say that having an envious friend is worse than having ten enemies…               

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Sasha Melillo


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