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If you like Japan culture, you should absolutely read this article because a list of the best animations to watch is suggested. This is not a numbered ranking, since it would not make sense to compare such different series. But I will publish some advices on an interesting anime on a monthly basis.


The original title is Kiseiju -The maxim and it is dramatic.  Talking about the plot, I do not want to be a spoiler. If you ask, what is missing the answer will surely be nothing! It is useless to list all the important issues addressed in each episode ranging from the celebration and importance of life, to love, family, friendship, justice, birth-death and solitude. That is not the usual anime. While you are watching it you are able to consider your role within the larger design in which you live.

Vinland Saga

This type of anime is dramatic as the previous one, but it also deals with historical and adventurous events.

If you watch it, you will surely think, it needs a second season. Calm down! It has already been announced. The story takes place in Europe during the 11th century. The Vikings are now unstoppable peoples and no one is able of defeating ships with a dragon’s prow. The narration of the Vinland saga begins with Thorfin whose purpose is to take revenge by defeating Askeladd, the leader of a gang of Vikings. You can appreciate that this series explains in different ways only this statement WAR IS AWFUL. This anime is not epic because there are no heroes but the message is conveyed in a brilliant way.

Attack on Titan

This dark fantasy anime is coming to an end. If you are going to get closer to the world of anime, this series is definitely for you. The plot is captivating given that many twists are in it and you are always with bated breath. The soundtrack mixes different musical genres, which are peculiar of battles. The young character Eren Yeager is determined to fight against the giants who destroyed his city and are frightening the entire human race. Will he be able to end his terror? Beh… it’s up to you to find out.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is war

If you are looking for something more relaxing and romantic, “Love is war” is right for you. The President Shirogane manages the school’s student council together with the deputy Kaguya Shinomia, who is beautiful and wealthy. Although both characters have tender feelings for each other, they believe that love declarations are suitable for weak people. Therefore, neither of them wants to tell own feelings. Let this battle of love begin!

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