A drunk runs over and kills a girl

Around 5:30 am on May 22, in Verona, near Porta Vescovo, a 29-year-old girl, who was walking
with a friend on the sidewalk in via Bassetti, was hit and died in a pirate car.

The driver, a 26-year-old from Verona, driving a Volkswagen Polo hit the girl who died before the
ambulance arrived, while the friend who was with her was fortunately unharmed. The driver,
despite the explosion of two tires due to the collision, would not have stopped because he was
intercepted by the police. Therefore, thanks to the timely intervention of a group of the local police
in Verona, he was stopped near a nightclub and then taken to the barracks.

The driver was subjected to a blood alcohol test which showed that his blood alcohol level was
three times higher than the legal limits. According to the investigations, coordinated by prosecutor
Alberto Sergi, the driver lost control of the car and crashed into the sidewalk where the girl was.
Witnesses said the impact was very violent. Now the driver is in command of the local police of
Verona under arrest because he is formally investigated for the crime of road homicide and failure
to rescue.

Other investigations will be made regarding the dynamics of the accident, in fact the police are
viewing all the cameras in the area.

This unfortunate accident makes us understand that we have not yet reached full road safety. How
could the situation be improved? Surely one of the ways is not to get drunk before driving in order
not to risk making an accident dangerous for passers-by and for those who drive.

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Marta Labita




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